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Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Review

SCORE: 90/100


In preparation for the VR Oslo Event, which will happen on December 6th, 2018, Sennheiser let me test their new Ambeo Smart Headset: a 3D (360°) audio recording and playback headset, which impressed me in many levels. Below you can check out the full video of my tests and comparisons.

Another test I conducted was by posting the videos on facebook, but the audio did not play as binaural, but as mono. So, my last test was making a live video. As I went to a Christmas lighting event in Lillestrøm, I took the opportunity to make a live video with the Ambeo Smart as the microphone capturing the audio. And the result was: Facebook Live allows for Binaural audio. Check the video below (use headphones):

My blog is now allowing a Portrait video to play correctly, but the audio plays correctly. If you wish to see the video better, follow the link below:

My Pros and Cons:


- 360 Audio Playback & Recording are of very good quality

- Active Listening feature works even with music on (You will never have to take one earbud off to hear outside again!)

- Very comfortable fit (it takes a while to get used to how to put it on, though)

- Customizable EQ parameter under the Apogee/Sennheiser software

- Great Noise Cancelling feature

- Works on recording 360 on most video/audio apps


- It works only on iOS devices as of now, but I was told they are planning on expanding

- It only has a lightning connector plug


- When having a video call or watching a video on certain apps, like Whatsapp or Facebook messenger, the audio goes to mono. However, this is a problem with the apps and not the headset. (It works wonderfully with apple apps, such as Facetime) My score is 90 out of 100! This headset is definitely worth having, whether you want to work with 360 audio, be able to listen to music while walking, running outside, or to be able to watch Films, shows, or play games that use 3D audio

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