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Brazilian-born composer and sound designer, Theo has found his home in Norway and currently works as the Audio Director and Composer at Snowcastle Games. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Music and Sound for Visual Media from the Academy of Art University, music has been an inseparable part of his life since the age of 8. His journey took him from classical training to orchestrating and collaborating with choirs for over a decade before he embarked on a new adventure in San Francisco, California, to pursue his degree.


With a diverse background, Theo has scored and crafted soundscapes for film, television, and video games. Currently, at Snowcastle, he's putting the finishing touches on "Ikonei Island: an Earthlock Adventure" and actively contributing to the ongoing development of "Earthlock 2."


Beyond his creative work, Theo is dedicated to giving back to the community. He shares his expertise by teaching game audio at various universities in Norway. He also holds a prominent role as one of the founders and the current chair of the board for Game Audio in Norway, an interest-group union dedicated to supporting and advancing the field of Game Audio Design.

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